Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pride of Ione Foundation presents historical documentary on Ione Homecoming - Thurs May 9

On Thursday May 9th, at 6:00 PM, the first historical documentary on Ione Homecoming will be shown at Clark’s Corner. Tickets are available at Clark’s for $10 each. If you stay for a prime rib dinner, Clark’s will donate 20% of each dinner to the Foundation. This is a great opportunity for residents and guest to celebrate, enjoy, and understand the rich history of the Ione Homecoming. 

The Pride of Ione Foundation is a newly formed organization with the primary purpose to preserve the rich history of the Ione Valley, share its memories and connect people. They are creating educational programs, providing living, interactive historical archives that everyone can access and contribute to. 
Plans include video documentaries, a quarterly  newsletter, beautification projects, commemorative photo books, soldier packages, welcome baskets for new residents and a memorial garden to name a few. 

Volunteers, members and sponsors are needed in support of this community centric program. For more information, Contact  Andrea Bonham at 209-304-4818,  email:, or log on to