Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Milly Jones’ tales of ghosts and guests of the Hotel Ione released

Hotel Ione’s Former Owner and Ione Town Character Tells All! 

IONE, CA - Milly Jones, former owner of the Hotel Ione and one of Ione’s town “characters,” has released her memoir of the years she and her husband ran the hotel haunted by a menagerie of ghosts and spirits: The Hotel Ione: A Hotel with Spirit.

Milly and her husband, Bill Jones, bought the hotel on Ione’s Main Street in the late 1970s after Bill retired from teaching landscaping at UC Berkeley. Milly’s escapades in learning to run a hotel and restaurant were complicated by the hotel’s long-term guests –er,  ghosts, from the 19th century hotel’s past.
Here Jones describes her first encounter with the unknown one summer morning during the hotel cafĂ©’s breakfast rush:

“I put out my hand to stop the spirit, and see and feel it go right through his shoulder and sink into him. My arm follows. He is made of nothing I can grasp. He feels neither hot nor cold, but my hand meets a soft resistance, as if passing through soft Angora fur. My arm tingles with “pins and needles” and the hair on it stirs… I have the revolting impression that he is about to adhere to me like nylon from a hot dryer. If he does and I have to peel him off me, I will faint.”

Ione’s small town character and rich history are woven into Jones’ humorous tales of the hotel and its spirits, which were featured on the television series“That’s Incredible” in 1980. The hotel was a town meeting place, with waitresses and cooks, hotel guests both seen and unseen, the police chief, motorcycle gangs, and San Francisco “hookers,” all passing through.

Millie & Bill Jones

Jones wrote her colorful book on a typewriter several years ago but macular degeneration reduced her eyesight to the point that she couldn’t edit the manuscript and convert it into a digital format herself. Jackson editor Lucy Hackett volunteered to help Jones get the book’s highlights, chronicling numerous eerie encounters she and many others experienced at the hotel. Jones and Hackett published the memoir in an e-book format to be shared with local fans of Ione and lovers of ghost stories alike. The Hotel Ione e-book is available on for only 99 cents.

Milly Jones still lives in Ione and is available for interviews at 209-274-4320