Friday, February 10, 2017

Documentary of Jackson being filmed, historical information needed

Community, please read this in its entirety.

A Documentary is being filmed in our area very soon. This Documentary is of Jackson, California.
After meeting with the producer several times, it is a go. Per contract, we can not disclose certain details. Example, dates of filming or production company.

What we need from the community is this: Anyone with historical information or experiences please contact us. One can be interviewed on camera or can just give info. We are looking for up to ten people to be interviewed. Also information from all.

Looking for real stories of the western days.
Experience with famous people that have visited or lived in Jackson. Example, John Wayne.
True history of Jackson.
Any experiences with the below listed areas. Could be personal, historical, a family members story, etc.
You name it, we want it.
The specific locations of the main focus areas:
The National Hotel
The old Courthouse
Argonaut and/or Kennedy mines

A couple more structures are still in review.

Thank you,
Chuck Swisher

P.S. Stan and I are very excited about this. We feel it will be great for the community.

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